How To Be Happier


We all want happiness. But why is it so hard to come by?

Why do most of us spend our entire life seeing happiness but never finding it?

I think it’s because we are looking in the wrong places. Most of us go looking to drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, etc. to find happiness. We change relationships, jobs, cars, houses, friends, etc. always thinking if I had THAT (insert relationship, job, house, car…) I’d be happy. But when we get that thing it only brings temporary happiness. Then we start looking for the next happy high.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend my entire life looking for happiness only to find it and have the buzz wear off, the relationship crumble, or the job just not work out.

Here are 5 ways to be happier:

1-Realize that happiness is an inside job.

What this means is that happiness must come from WITHIN. Make the mindset & skillset shifts. Replace old negative beliefs with new & empowering ones.

2-Let go of the past

The past is over and done with, you can’t change a thing so stop living there.

3-Forgive yourself & others

You are human, therefore you will NEVER be perfect, nor will ANYBODY else. So forgive yourself and others.

4-Stay in the present moment

Learn to connect with your breath. It is your BEST tool for staying present. Take at least 5, 1 minute moments daily to focus on your breath.

5-Love On Yourself daily

Could be taking a bath, reading a good book, buying that outfit, cooking a fancy dinner, going dancing… whatever brings you joy, DO IT!


Will you spend your entire life looking for the next happy high or will you invest in yourself and live every moment being present?


It’s your life, MAKE IT EPIC!

-Jhon LeBaron