Our little princess Ariana Celice LeBaron made her grand debut, 13 days overdue, on August 11th 2016 at 3:06 PM. Weighing 9lb 9oz & 21.75 inches long!

During labor my only task was to be there for and comfort my wife the best I could. Which if you ask her, she’d say I did great! (I just asked her so I know I did!)

While watching her experience the pain that birthing brings I was amazed at how well she experienced it. I say experienced because she didn’t try to stop the pain or push it away. She literally let it be and in doing so it made birthing easier and things went quicker.

At one point I had the thought that theres no way my wife could all of a sudden say “I’M DONE” and move on with her day like she’s not in labor or experiencing pain. She just couldn’t. Eventually this baby would have to be born, whether she wanted it to be or not. And the fastest way to get over the pain and discomfort was to GO THROUGH IT. To feel the discomfort, the pain and to push through it. Not fighting it. Not resisting it. Allowing it to be here. Allowing her self to breathe through it and feel it.

When I had that thought I was like WHOA, how many times in life do we feel some pain or discomfort and we go on pretending like nothing is happening. We push what were feeling to the side and put on this fake happy smile and act like everything is ok?

One of my favorite quotes is “What you resist, persists.”

The more we resist feeling the pain, or having that phone call, or letting go of that relationship, or whatever your facing, the more it is going to be there waiting to be dealt with.

The more my wife would have resisted labor, the longer it would have been and the more our baby would have persisted to be born.

GUYS & GALS! life is SO MUCH easier when we ride the wave! Ride the wave? have you lost your mind? Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t that’s not the point here tho. By ride the wave I mean ALLOW whatever emotions you are having be here. If you are feeling sad, FEEL SAD. If you are feeling angry, FEEL ANGRY. If you are feeling fear, FEEL THE FEAR! Our emotions are our greatest teachers! Why are you feeling so sad, angry, fearful? If you sat with it and breathed through it instead of resisting it you would allow the beautiful gift it has to offer you be birthed. (Oh yes I just made a birthing reference…)

Maybe your sadness is here to teach you something? Maybe your are angry at something that happened in the past but you won’t allow yourself to heal? Maybe you are afraid of what could happen so you never make the leap into greatness?


& for your personal growth sake RIDE THAT WAVE whenever it comes! And maybe when you do, you’ll realize just how amazing the wave is! Don’t judge it, just let it be. Remember tho, YOU ARE NOT THE WAVE! You are the one experiencing the wave!

Riding the wave does NOT mean that we sit in victim mode about how sad our life is and how people have hurt us and so now we are angry and we just can’t forgive. NO! That is allowing the wave to consume you. What I’m talking about is getting really curious with what emotions your feeling. Become a PI (Private Investigator) and ask all sorts of questions. Why am I feeling this way? What belief do I have that is being triggered? I wonder how I could let this go? I wonder how I could heal this? I wonder… I wonder is a beautiful question to ask. And once you ask these questions, be still (ride the wave) and allow whatever wants to come up, come up.

Alright Life Tippers! I’m done here, off to get some much needed rest as this new bundle of joy is keeping me wide awake at night, and most of the day. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Sending you lots of love and positive vibes! And an incredible amount of success in life!
Remember it’s your life so, MAKE IT EPIC!

-Jhon LeBaron