Picture this…

You and several of your closest friends are going to go on a tubing trip. You’ve got your river tube rentals ready to go. You will float the river for several house having tons of fun. You’ll have music, food, drinks and lots of laughter!

You all meet up at your house, where you drive to the river together.

Now picture getting your tube and taking it to the end of the river. You jump in, but then turn around and have to get out because you are at the end of the river.

How fun would that be? Not very fun right?

So why do we constantly…

Wish our kids were older
Or wish we were older
Or wish the weekend was here
Or wish we were done with school
Or wish that the period we are in in life was over?

If our kids were older, or we were older, or school was done, or whatever we are wanting to be DONE was done, then what would even be the point of living?

If we’re just going to wish ourselves into the future then there is no point in living.

I’m convinced that the meaning of life is to flow down this river experiencing all that life has to offer us. I’m convinced that the “struggles” or “hard times” we are facing get to be looked at with a different set of eyes. Instead of wishing every struggle away, why not embrace the struggle, learn from it.

I remember when my baby was born. I couldn’t wait for her to sit up. Then it was crawl. Then it was stand. And then it was walk. What’s next? She’s 18 and no longer living at home? Is that what I really want? NO

My baby just turned one today and as I sit back and reflect on the last year it trips me up to think of how quickly it has gone by. A blink of an eye really.

It has also reminded me of how important it is that we not take life so damn serious. All the problems we are facing will pass. They always do.

Do you really wish to be at the end of your life having let so much pass you by?

I know I sure don’t. I want to experience every minute of my life. The good, the bad, and everything in between.

After all, that is what the human experience is about. Learning & growth. Ups & downs.

It’s not about wishing yourself from one experience to the next.

Aren’t you tired of always wanting that next big thing? That next promotion, or job, or raise, or house, or relationship, or high, or whatever?

What would happen if you started getting present every moment of every day and appreciating what you had instead of wishing it away? How would your life change?

I encourage you to set a reminder or post a sticky note (or several) to remind you to appreciate & be present.

Be. Express. Live.

-Jhon LeBaron