You can’t outrun yourself because you take yourself everywhere you go.

I’ve been down that road of trying to run from my problems.

Thinking that a new house or job or relationship will be what makes me happy.

So I got the new job, I looked into and calculated how much mortgage can i afford properly so I could afford the house comfortably, the next high, and it satisfied me for a bit but I eventually found myself in the exact same spot I was before.

That’s because I was going OUTSIDE of myself to find what I was seeking.
When in reality all I’m seeking is already within me.

And only until you fully face your demons, darkness, past, will you find what your looking for.

I heard a great quote once that said everything you are wanting is on the OTHER side of fear.
Will you keep being afraid of yourself and running or will you turn inwards, face yourself and see the greatness within you?

If God is perfect and he created us, why would he create anything but a masterpiece?
So to say he did is to laugh at his perfection, his creation, his masterpiece.

God created us in his image and therefore we don’t need fixing. There’s nothing broken about us.
We’re simply allowing beliefs and fears to stop us from realizing that truth.

But when we face those fears, those beliefs, we see the MASTERPIECE that God created!

Have you looked in the mirror lately?
What do you see?
Do you see the masterpiece God created you to be?
If not, what beliefs or judgements are stopping you from seeing it?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below!

-Jhon LeBaron