As Mr. Positive I’ve always found it easy to find the joys in life, the good, the adventures. I’ve found it easy to make any situation a positive one. Turn that frown upside down!

But earlier this year it’s like Mr. Positive went missing and I was stuck with depression, loneliness, sadness and anger. And no matter how I tried to feel better they just wouldn’t leave me alone. And the more I focused on them the more they consumed me.

I spent so much time trying to “dig deep” to see what needed to be healed. Is there something I am missing? Something I’m blocking out? Something I experienced I can’t remember? I got so consumed on what was wrong with my life, wanting to fix it all, that I lost sight of what was going good in my life.

I watched as my relationship with my wife began to suffer. Work was now more like an obligation than fun. I didn’t see or appreciate all that my children brought to my life. And to top it off I gained 30 pounds because of my constant consumption of food to drown how I was feeling.

Then one fateful day it clicked. FEEL GOOD AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS. There was the answer. Plain and simple. I guess when the student is ready the teacher appears!

My attention was so laser focused on what was wrong and broken that that is all I was bringing more of into my life. When “feel good and watch what happens” clicked I swear the clouds parted, angels sang, and life was bliss from that moment on.

Not really, truth is I did feel the dark clouds leaving and there was a sense of excitement as my fire began to burn brighter. But I still had many moments where the darkness would creep in slowly and before I knew it I’d be consumed again.

I learned tho that when the darkness creeps in, the loneliness is all consuming and the sadness just wont go away, is the perfect time to switch your focus onto “Feel Good And Watch What Happens”!

Now when I say feel good and watch what happens I don’t mean medicate with drugs or alcohol or food. Yes they’ll make you feel good, but watch what happens?! They’ll leave you depressed, angry, addicted, and even worse off than before!

Feel good and watch what happens is more of an energetic excitement that takes place internally as your flame burns brighter, your energy clears up and you are fully present! Feel good and watch what happens is more of a focus on the good things around you for those generate good feelings, and when you generate good feelings good things happen, and when good things happen it generates good feelings, and the cycle continues.

So this is my friendly reminder to FEEL GOOD AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!

No matter what is going on around you, you have the power to choose where you put your focus.

You are strong, capable, worthy and most importantly, loved!