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When you’re having a bad day… Read this!

Ever have one of those days where everything seems to be falling a part?

Where you don’t feel good enough. You’re tired of fighting. Constantly comparing yourself to others, which only makes you feel worse.

Where you feel hopeless, lost, confused.

Ever feel like a complete failure? Like there is no hope for your future?
Ever feel like you’ll never achieve anything in life?
Ever feel like you’re not worthy of love?
Ever feel like you’re all alone?

I know I have. I’ve been there. In the midst of the darkness. Stumbling around trying to find my way out. But the clouds are so dark it’s hard to make sense of anything. It’s hard to see the path of where I’m trying to go. Barely able to see the next step. Struggling to hold on. Ready to let go. Give up.

If you’ve been there or are currently there, know you are not alone. Reach out. Talk to someone.

Isolation isn’t the answer. in fact, isolation will be the death of us. It separates us from the light, from the love, from the help we so desperately need.

Yet why is it that isolation usually seems to be our “go to” when were experiencing darkness?

Read more about why we fear our darkness here.

Are we afraid of what others will think when they hear our struggles?
Are we to ashamed & filled with guilt that we cast ourselves out of the tribe?

I think we turn to isolation because of shame, guilt, fear & judgments.

We feel shame & guilt therefore we judge ourselves so harshly and we are afraid others will do the same to us. So in order to protect ourselves we isolate ourselves from all of those around us.

When in reality we should SURROUND ourselves even more with those who love us. Open up. Get raw & vulnerable. BE REAL.

Here are 5 ways to love yourself more!

The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is so true. But what’s even more true is that we continually need to be a part of that village to thrive as we grow.

It’s the lone wolf that doesn’t make it, where as the pack gets stronger and stronger together.

If you’re in the midst of darkness, reach out to someone. Call a friend, a family member. Reach out on our Facebook group. Needing something deeper and wanting breakthroughs? Book a Heart To Heart session by going here.

Whatever it is you do, don’t isolate yourself. Surround yourself with people who love you.

You have a choice, right here in this moment. To continue sitting in this darkness, or to get up and turn on the light!

Which one will you choose?

What did you like about this post? Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear how this resonated with you!


Jhon LeBaron is a fun, outgoing, life loving, husband to an amazing wife and a daddy to three beautiful little girls. He has a passion for life and loves helping other people experience breakthroughs in their own life!


  1. Jhon Thank you , thank you , thank you!!! I just love Positive Life Tips!!! I have been so busy lately going out and doing like you talked about in past Positive Life Tips that I have not taken time to slow down!!! Things actually are going in the right direction in my life so you would think that because they are that I would not have just one of those days, but the truth is I have had a couple days like that lately. Feeling like I am just never going to get ahead , yet doing all I can to do so. Only enough hours in the day a human being can work with and feeling like just saying “ugh pull the blinds, shut the doors and I am over it”. Then I get this email from Positive Life Tips saying “Need some clarity?” click here 🙂 Thank you Jhon for you time and thoughts they truly do make a difference in people’s lives I know they do mine and this article reminded me that I am not alone and that in its self has made me want to open the blinds and the door and let the sunshine back in and say “hey I am good enough and I am doing the best I can and that is ok”!!!! Thanks Jhon!!!

  2. Hello Jhon. Thank you for taking the time to write your blog. I love Positive Life Tips. It always makes me feel better about myself. It is very late. I have to get to bed but I really wanted to let
    You know how much I like what you write. Take care. Nite. I

  3. Wow. I needed to read your blog again. Thank you for it. I’m going to try and print it out.
    I am having a rough day. I was diagnosed in June 2015 with Parkinson’s and then in September
    2015 I was diagnosed with PSP which is progressive supranuclear palsy. Not good. I am only 66 yrs old. I realize there are lots of people with problems so I am trying to cope. I have a wonderful husband who takes great care of me. It is just days like today when I can’t walk that is so upsetting.
    So thank you again for your wonderful blog. It really helps me on days like today. Please keep up the good work.

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