Today I’ve craved whiskey, ice cream, hot cheetos, chocolate, FOOD.

That wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that I know why I’m craving this stuff.

I’m craving it because I’m wanting to go OUTSIDE of myself to find peace.

You see, for the last couple of weeks my business has been doing so MAJOR growth.

Lots of changes happening.

And as always, growth brings new challenges & circumstances that must be faced.

And while I’m so glad & excited for this growth I also find myself at times very busy with lots on my to do list and little time for rest.

These cravings are simply a reminder to SLOW down, breathe and create some space for me to just BE. For me to have time to comfort eat, to relax, to even just have a little me time and watch something on; yes, we’re all human! I need some me time and to give myself some attention.

I believe that is how addiction works. When I was in the middle of my addiction someone told me to sit with the uncomfortable. And I didn’t know what that meant, much less how to do it. So anytime I felt really anything like stress, or sadness, or anxiety, or fear I would of course go outside of myself to find that high.

Of course that wouldn’t last long so there I would be again turing to my addiction to find satisfaction.

I’m glad to say I FINALLY know what that person meant when they said SIT & BE with the uncomfortable.

Have you found yourself turning OUTSIDE of yourself to find peace, joy, satisfaction, etc.?

If so, know you are NOT alone. I’ve been there. I know what it feels like.

It feels like this game where you’re constantly seeking that next thing, person, event to give you a feeling of wholeness, connection, love. Yet every time you get it, it seems to fade away after a moment and then you’re back on the hunt looking for it again.

So how do you go within to find that peace, joy, satisfaction, etc?

You take some time to just sit & be with yourself. Find a comfortable spot, light a candle, put on some relaxing music, take a bath, get comfy.

Wanting to turn to drugs, alcohol, porn on, sex to simply help you feel better is a sign that you aren’t giving yourself enough attention. Though, sometimes it can be helpful to relieve stress, reliance on these can be a concern. Whilst many people find comfort in turning to these things, they can easily become an addiction. It’s believed that excessive alcohol intake or spending multiple hours watching porn can lead to some mental health issues, which is why it’s important to seek porn addiction recovery treatments if you ever feel that you’re depending on these websites too much.

It’s like the child in you is throwing a temper tantrum and you keep distracting him by giving him shiny objects to keep him busy, when in all reality he only wants to be held & loved by YOU.

When you are sitting & BEing have a journal & pen close by.

Write down whatever, and I mean whatever, is coming up for you. Let it all out. There is this renewing of energy when you clear out all the clutter that has been bogging you down.

Ask how am I feeling?

What is it I am wanting to feel?

How can I give this to myself in a healthy way?

Remember to BREATHE.

Most of all remember that the love & connection you are seeking can only be found when you connect with & love yourself first.