In a world full of photoshops, should be’s and impossible standards to reach, I want my girls (I have 3 daughters) and every other girl, including you, to know that who you are is perfect and complete. And there is not a single thing you need to change about who you are.

I want you to know it’s ok to make mistakes.
It’s ok to fail.
It’s ok to have a bad day.
It’s ok if you don’t look like the magazine models. (Most of them don’t look that way either)
It’s ok to follow your heart and do what calls and inspires you.
It’s ok to go out without makeup.
It’s ok to be a career woman.
It’s ok to be a stay at home mom.
It’s ok to be whatever and whoever you want!
You’re perfect just the way you are.

I want you to know that confidence is an inner power that comes from fully embracing all of who you are. Including the parts of you that society says are flawed. Those parts make you who you are. So embrace them. Love them. Use them to your advantage.

I want you to know your worth is not based on how you look.

I want you to know that a real man will wait, and not pressure you into something you don’t want.

I want you to know that a real man will value what’s inside over your looks. After all looks fade away with time. But a truly beautiful heart never fades.

I want you to know that it’s not bitchy or prude to have high standards. It’s called self respect.

And any man worth your time will respect you. But you have to demand that respect. There is not settling.

I want you to know that you are so worthy of love. You are so worthy of an amazing relationship. And just because you’ve made mistakes in the past that doesn’t define you or your future.

Your future is as good as you believe and make it to be!

You are in control of your own destiny! It is you and you alone who will decide what your future will look like.

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From here, you can make your own destiny.

Don’t ever believe the lies that say you’re not worth it.

You’re value is defined by you and you only. Period.

So please don’t ever forget that.

And remember, it’s ok to walk away from any and every situation that doesn’t serve you.

You are a precious jewel and one day I hope you look in the mirror and see that amazing, beautiful, deep, loving soul, that I see, staring back.

And until that day I’ll continue reminding you every moment of every day of the beauty that you are. You please do the same. Take time to look in the mirror and stare deep into your eyes and remind yourself how beautiful you are. How capable you are. How worthy you are.

Jhon LeBaron