Quick story…

See the scarf I’m wearing?

Several years ago you wouldn’t catch me dead wearing it! Or any other scarf!

Why? Because people I knew judged them and therefore I didn’t want to be judged for wearing one.

This post ain’t about scarves tho…

It’s about self acceptance and even deeper than that it’s about being comfortable in your own skin, being able to express yourself how you want to.

The FASTEST way to experiencing that confidence where you feel free to just be you comes when you stop letting others define your worth.


You stop placing so much value on other people’s opinions of you.

WHY are you giving them so much power?

WHY are you letting someone who doesn’t know you like you know you place such a low value on your life?

OWN your worth.

You are SO worthy.

You are SO valued.

You are SO loved.

Whatever story you’ve been telling about not being worthy, DROP IT.

FORGIVE yourself for anything you think you did to decrease your value. (Which is never possible, but forgive anyway for that too.)

START right now by declaring your value every day.

START right now seeing that your opinion of you matters more than the opinions others have of you.

When you do that you will experience what it feels like to be comfortable in your own skin, fully expressing yourself how you want too.

Live life on your own terms!!
Jhon LeBaron
Bold & Free Academy