Being my own cheerleader

After a fun day at the park we stopped to check out the beautiful trees on the other side of the cornfield. And It feels great being your own cheerleader!

I’ve spent a GREAT part of my life looking to others for validation. If they approved of me it meant I was a worthy person. If they didn’t then that meant something was wrong with me. Oh that was such a vicious cycle. I couldn’t be happy because my happiness depended on how others were doing. One day they were happy and approved of me, the next day not so much. It was a constant cycle of up and down. And it WORE ME OUT.

Have you bought into that idea? Always looking for others to compliment, validate or build you up?

That is a dangerous trap and it is no way to live.
It is time YOU take back YOUR value.

It’s time for you to become your own cheerleader! Your biggest fan! Your BEST friend!

Start cheering for YOU! Your successes, your progress, your wins!

Starting right now, become your greatest supporter. If you dare I would love to hear how you supported yourself with something this week! It can be something small, or big. From booking a massage to buying yourself some flowers just because. Come leave a comment here and let me know!

Once I became my greatest cheerleader it opened my eyes to a whole new level of life. It will do the same for you. Your confidence will SKYROCKET. Your self love will overflow and start impacting those around you in big ways.

When you become your biggest cheerleader you in turn inspire other people to cheer for themselves!

My friend, you have been too hard on yourself. It’s time to forgive. Let all that old shit go. ALL YOU HAVE is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, in this very moment. Yesterday is history, tomorrow might never come. THIS MOMENT right here. RIGHT HERE. It is all you have. So MAKE IT EPIC!

Good Vibes Always,