We have to face the pain we’ve been running from. Welcome it in. Sit with it. Ask, what are you teaching me? What are you trying to tell me? Until we do this, we won’t find healing.

Hiding our pain or sweeping it under the rug only prolongs our healing journey. Eventually, the pain will show up, one way or another. It could show up as broken relationships, physical sickness, mental disorders, financial distress, or as in so many cases, it manifests as anxiety and panic attacks.

I for so long was fighting life. Kept trying to control everything around me, especially the perception other people had of me. See the thing is, I was running from pain. I was running from the pain of judgment I received as a young child. I was bullied and called all sorts of names and had a very low self-image. I kept trying to push that pain away and control what others thought of me. I changed the way I looked, the music I listened to, the way I talked, all to be accepted.

Then, one blissful evening my first panic attack happened. And after that, what I call the anxiety cycle, came on full force nonstop. In the beginning, I resisted so much. I pushed hard up against the anxiety. And that only made it worse. In the midst of this chaos, a wise person told me to stop fighting the anxiety. To just let it be. That anxiety doesn’t define me.

So I got curious. I welcomed it in. And in doing so I realized just how blessed I was to have experienced what I did. It taught me to let go of control. I went to those deep places and was able to see myself in a different light. I was able to let go of the story of not being good enough Id told for so long. I was able to bring healing to the little boy within who so desperately wanted love. Instead of putting my value and worth in the hands of the people around me, anxiety taught me that none of that mattered. What mattered was how I viewed myself. I was able to make that shift and when I did the anxiety slowly started to fade away.

Like clouds clearing after a rainy day, the sun finally starts to shine again. That is what healing looks like when we stop running and we turn and face whatever it is we have hidden for so long.

You don’t have to do this alone. If it seems too scary to deal with the pain, find a trusted friend or a professional to help you through this healing journey. I know people who would consume medicinal marijuana products, like the ones you can find on Lanco Hemp, and said that it would help when the anxiety got too much to handle. Medical marijuana could help in getting you a better sleep which can eventually help in calming your anxiety. Consequently, marijuana enthusiasts can purchase online accessories such as dab rigs, bongs, bubblers, pipes, and so forth from websites similar to https://www.smokersvice.com/products/nameless-glass-hello-kitty. If cannabis and its products can get them the relief they seek, it might be worth giving it a shot! That is what healing is. It is a journey. Not a one-time event. It takes time to peel back the layers and move thru all the emotions that come with hiding our pain for so long.

But when you take the jump and go all in on your healing, you will see just how powerful and amazing you are.

I’d like to remind you that God only creates masterpieces, and that is what you are, a masterpiece. For so long you’ve hidden the beauty that is YOU. For so long you’ve let other people define you and your life. It’s time for you to let that go and realize that inside of you is an amazing and capable being who deserves to shine their light for the world to see.

When God created you He didn’t say He was creating you to hide your magnificence. He created you to share your gifts and talents with the world.

Anxiety is a manifestation that is here to teach you, show you, guide you, heal you. If you let it. Anxiety has so much wisdom and guidance to offer you. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t run from it. And whatever you do, don’t believe that it defines you and that it is who you are. You are simply experiencing anxiety. You are simply feeling what it feels like to be anxious. So sit with the anxiety like a welcomed guest and learn all you can from it. If it gets too stressful, you can call for a good strain of marijuana online (click here for an example), and sit with a joint. And with time you too will begin to heal all those places you’ve kept hidden for so long.

If you ever need a listening ear, I’m here. Send me a message, leave a comment. If you feel ready to move past anxiety and take back your life, I highly recommend you check out this amazing program that helped me gain freedom and peace from anxiety! Click here to learn more!

I believe in you! I see you! You are not alone!
-Jhon LeBaron