How to Stop Anxiety: Insights from Barry McDonagh, Aida Becco, and Jhon LeBaron

1. Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is a common emotion experienced by everyone at some point. However, when it becomes a constant companion, it can negatively impact your life. Barry McDonagh, author of “Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks,” provides a powerful starting point: to stop anxiety, we must first understand it. He emphasizes that anxiety is not our enemy; instead, it’s a signal from our body that something is amiss. It’s a reaction to perceived danger, even if that danger isn’t real.

2. The DARE Response

McDonagh proposes a revolutionary approach called the DARE response, he wrote a book called Dare: The new way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks. DARE stands for Defuse, Allow, Run towards, and Engage. Defuse the anxiety by challenging and deflating catastrophic thoughts. Allow the anxious feelings to wash over you without fighting them. Run towards the anxiety by viewing it as an opportunity for growth. Finally, Engage in the present moment fully and completely, thus anchoring yourself and disrupting anxiety’s grip on your mind.

3. Grounding Techniques by Aida Becco

Aida Becco, a respected mental health advocate, focuses on grounding techniques as an effective way to manage anxiety. Grounding techniques aim to divert your focus from anxiety-provoking thoughts to the physical world around you. This could be as simple as touching a textured surface and focusing on how it feels, or mentally listing all the objects you can see in a certain color. These exercises reconnect you with the present moment and disrupt the cycle of anxiety.

4. Jhon LeBaron’s Journey and Techniques

Jhon LeBaron, an entrepreneur, and lifestyle coach, underscores the role of lifestyle changes in managing anxiety. From his personal experience, he highlights the importance of regular physical activity, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and limiting caffeine and alcohol intake – all of which can significantly impact anxiety levels. LeBaron’s approach aligns with the holistic perspective of managing anxiety, focusing not just on the mind but the body as well.

5. The Anxiety No More Approach

The “Anxiety No More” approach, developed by Paul David, echoes the sentiments of McDonagh, Becco, and LeBaron. It advocates for acceptance and understanding of anxiety as a path to healing. It emphasizes the importance of not fighting the feelings of anxiety but allowing them to exist, similar to the ‘Allow’ stage in McDonagh’s DARE response. The approach also underscores living a balanced lifestyle and staying engaged in the present as key to managing anxiety.

Overcoming anxiety is a journey, and these insights from Barry McDonagh, Aida Becco, Jhon LeBaron, and the Anxiety No More approach provide effective strategies to navigate this path. Remember, seeking professional help is crucial if anxiety is impacting your quality of life. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but with understanding, patience, and perseverance, anxiety can indeed be managed.